The day of the biker

skirt- urban jacket- my mum wardrobe lace- vintage socks- jack wills boots- topshop
I am sort of obsessed with my mothers wardrobe, she just has sooo many amazing things from when she was growing up. Really amazing things! So when last summer she decided to give me a few Item I was ecstatic. I really am obsessed with vintage. I am normally wearing at lead one piece or I am thinking how can I embody a certain era.  It's my thing! I love everything about vintage stuff, but if you read this blog then you all ready know that.

Leather, leather, leather and leather. I love the stuff. It just feels so classy; much better than pleather. Saying that I own a lot of pleather because it's cheap as chips and the better quality stuff can look good. So I guess that you know what I am talking about when I say leather. It's my jacket! That massive grate thing I am wearing. So warm... Even with the lining taken out. I love the first picture the one in black and white, it looks so rock and role. Which I am not very. I like Two door cinema club rather than guns and roses.

My boots are by top shop and were a X-mas prezzie from my grandparents. They feel so Victorian to me a era which I loved as a small child, the cloths were just so beautiful. I think that the dresses were so pretty very feminine with lots of jewels. But the boots are more working class. They scream get the job done maybe that why I like them so much because it can sometimes be something that I need help with. The socks are bold and add a much needed pop of colour I have been doing this a lot with theses shoes.

I am starting to feel as if I always take photos in the same place. I am relay enjoying  the grungeness of their (sorry about the word which is not a word).  I defiantly felt write for the jacket, I was just chilling with my homies. hahhahah I not that type of person who would say that; everyone says I sound posh (which I hate).  The way that the camera has court the  skirt at the bottom I love how it's blurred. It sort of feels like life and how confusing it can be some times how everything is blurred.

Lots of love 


: D

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