About me

I am Sasha, a 18 who is rather obsessed with fashion. I live with my family in rural England. It is very beautiful where I live; if a bit dull on occasion. Clothing plays a massive part in my life as I am always thinking about a piece I would life to make, buy or wear (is that all the bases covered).

I started writing this blog 3ish years ago and although I have few readers; I love each one of ya who take the time to read my blog honest. This blog has defiantly changed me (I think for the better although my bank balance would disagree strongly). When I started this blog I was an 14 year old very bad speller, who needed something todo in her free time. Today I am still bad at spelling; but much improved (I have an good excuses). Blogging has helped me define myself as a person, it is my diary (gaaarhhh I know so cheesy) and has helped fuel my love of fashion and all things clothes related. I hope to continue to write this blog, if only to help me make sense of my life. I am so thankful to all of you who read my blog and I have some really interesting things to write about coming up, so stay tuned (in my best nickelodeon voice).