Symptoms of illness

I am one of those people who barely ever actually gets ill, I mean I will have a have sore throat or a slight cough, but never like I'm in bed and unable to do anything. But recently I've been starting to think that that is more will power than anything else. For about a month now I felt a bit rubbish a slight runny nose, sore throat and cough nothing very debilitating. This week my brother got ill, I gave whatever I had to him and he is way worse than me, like the works not going to school and being in bed constantly (he didn't go downstairs for 4 days straight). I always thought that I was lucky I never really get ill, just not getting the bad germs or something, but maybe it's willpower because I spend so much of time telling myself I can't get ill, I guess I just don't. Maybe that's not possible.

What I do know is about me being slightly under the weather but always the comfort clothes come out. My big scarfs and my docs (possibly the most comfortable shoes I own other than my fluffy Birkenstocks, which were not appropriate on the day these pictures were taken) it's kind of like prepping for the worst. I guess! This combination of green-grey tones definitely felt comfortable, you can't really see the detail on this top by freepeople but it's really pretty with applicated flowers on, so pretty if not very warm.
(Top-free people/ Skirt-I made myself/ Boots- Doc Martin/ Skarf- Urban Outfitters/ Bag- pressent) 

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  1. I guess everyones immune system is different but willpower is definitely more powerful then we think! Great look, I love the colours :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox


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