Creative Thinking

Sometimes you don't know you've lost your motivation until you find it again. I re-found mine on last Thursday, a trip to London. To tell you the truth I thought I was feeling pretty motivated before this trip, but leisurely walking around Saatchi ( through the East Meets West exhibition was one of the best things ever so interesting) and the Serpentine (also cool) excited me and filled me with new ideas.  I think that constantly exposing yourself to new things whether it be art, a new interesting book or new music (maybe a bit out of your comfort zone) is important especially if you're a creative person. I don't think this is a radically new idea or anything, but it is certainly something that I have been bouncing around my head a lot.

I have been living in this sort of baggy world recently, there is something about it that I crave. I think it's the way it drowns my body, I really feel comfortable in it (no obnoxiously visible food babies here), also it kind of feels all cute and 20's like which is also desirable.


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