Official Art Student

Its official I an ART STUDENT! Ok so I've done art for years like most of my life was spent in the art department working on a-level; but now it feels official since I started my art foundation  a few weeks ago. Doing fashion design is all I have wanted career wise out of my life for years and having started this art foundation I finally feel like I've taken a huge leap on that path. Other than that  I don't have any more written exams  (I think) so like woop woop and all I do is art. So my life is amazing right now. 

The other pro of this course is that it starts later than last year + is closer so I can sleep more which = better clothing choices  at least in my head no more iffy pairings of colours clothing ect. (It's really better for everyone involved.) I'm so happy for this more sleep thing. I mean last year who would have known what I would have done with a shirt (sooo many ways to do buttons up haha); the shirt is something I'm really into right now, putting it with everything, buttoned up, unbuttoned, tide around waste so many options. It really lends a clean edge to an outfit, a bit more minimal I guess. Minimal is something that I'm really into brands like cos and designers like  maison martin margiela are really inspiring me right now.

X Sasha

Pst: if you're looking for a good book on Minimalism read Less is More Minimalism Fashion by Harriet Walker


  1. Yay for more sleep! I always need more sleep when I'm in school :P

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  2. I love your outfit ;) cute top and shoes! You look great <3

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  3. So cool! I was an art student once and it was one of the best times of my life :)

    xoxo Iris
    A Dash Of Fash


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