Skirt Obsession

Hello, so um well..... What am I obsessed with? Coco Chanel (just everything), Art (especially going to galleries and conceptual), books (weird if you knew my 11 year old self), avocado, exercise (recent and growing obsession) and wrap skirts?!

Well what to say about the wrap skirt? I am like a crazy lady in love with this skirt. The intracing mix of dare from the constant risk of flashing someone (it's never happened yet) and that childlike swish of the skirt. Also the overlapping nature of its ends of make me think of slits and the way that modern angular geometric shapes interlock. The skirt was an amazing present from a family friend for my 18th birthday (thats right I can buy alcohol and am an Adult (legally anyway, watch out world)). I loved it the minute I saw it (even before I knew what it was)  I'm a sucker of abit of paisley, its one of those things that I can just tell that I will wear way too much. AKA it's a huge obsession.

I can't believe that its summer, it kinda feels like a lifetime ago when I finished school and summer started, in reality its been about 2 weeks. With summer comes the fun of more of my obsessions, 1. the sun (even though I don't tan who could hate on the sun) 2. music (cheese but it brings people together). With this in mind I thought I would share a bit of my taste. Anyway here is the playlist: 

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