Love it or Hate it? (Moschino A/W 2014)

It’s defiantly true that Moschino’s autumn winter 2014 autumn/winter collection has caused a stir in last few months. It seems that everyone has an opinion has on it they either love it or hate it. It’s been very popular with bloggers, I don’t know how many times I’ve seen that bag. I personally can’t make my mind up about this latest instalment of Jeremy Scott’s creative genius. I both love and hate it.

I know that when I see work with a strong concept I am likely to love it as mostly when I see anything with a strong concept my heart just melts a little. There for how could I not fall for this? The idea of the ever-famous Maccy Ds with its fast food and iconic M logo (that always looks like a French fry) mixed with Moschino in my mind had to be a light hearted comment on our fast fashion culture. Which of course I cannot resist!

However, I kind of feel (maybe with my best cynical teenaged attitude) that this collection is being used as a trendy statement by some, sort of a “Look at me I’m so it?!” I really not trying to be mean as I am sure this is only true for a few, but still it’s a bit sad. Also I am not sure about what I feel about the use the bright yellow and red, which make up a majority of the colour in the collection. I accept that this makes the message so much more powerful. But still I instantly shy away this mix of colours, if I’m honest I am always more comfortable when I only have to face one strong colour at a time.

Only time will tell me what I acutely feel about this collection. It defiantly (at least slightly) entrances me. Maybe I should just decide to love it!

Pst. What do you think about it ??


  1. I feel the same as you about this collection, but I'm sure I'm not in love with it, and the mix of yellow and red is terrible ;-)

  2. I don't really like this collection. It is original for sure, but I wouldn't wear it.
    Have a great weekend!!
    Cristina xo


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