Bus Stops

(Top-Topshop// shirt- crew clothing// cardigan- Topshop (ages ago though)// Jeans-Acne via ebay// Shoes Vintage// Bag- Vintage)
What to wear to the bus stop ? (the musings of a teenaged girl)

Buses are the bane of my life, it seems to be dominated by them. I get a bus pretty much everyday, they are pretty much always late, you can never be sure of this because if they early they never wait at the stop. They are never on time! I am always rushing around to be at my stop with 5 minutes which seems so pointless when the probability is that will be standing around with my headphones in for at least minutes. It is always a struggle to achieve this, I'm so far from a morning person that it is unreal so I normally have about 30 minutes to get up, eat, get dressed, put makeup on and be clean (maybe not in this order). This never leaves me much time to think, so I often find myself just chucking on clothes. Jean, top, black boots and a cardigan or jacket is the safest option but kind of can be (is) a bit dull. I'm always trying to spice it all up a bit which is pretty challenging when all you're really thinking about is the crazy  amount of work you're about to do to try and pass a-levels. Recently I've been trying to  spice it all up a bit by layer things in the hopes that I will not only be warm but different from the mundane. Switching up the jeans is also fun playing with skinny, baggy ripped, light or black denim has also been fun. 



  1. I really like your bag! and I also love that you wore an open button down under the cardigan for layers, I never thought of that <3

    [ http://fictionstyle.blogspot.com/ ]

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  3. Amazing post, loving your style!
    Lots of love from the casper&pearl girls,
    casper&pearl blog xo

  4. What a playful, layered outfit! Loving all the colors in the background :)
    xo TJ


  5. Cute outfit, nice bag :)

    Xxx Cécile


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