Blending In

(Coat-ZARA// Jumper-ZARA// Skirt- H&M// Bag- The Cambridge Satchel Company// Boots- Office// Jewelry- Assorted)

Ok, so I admit it I have a problem; (no it is not my ability to decide to cut my hair short with about 2 seconds before the haircut actually happens), but my love affair with the darker side of the colour pallet. It can't be helped when you get dressed at 6am and you just throw together something in like 2 seconds because lets face it sleep is so much more appealing than getting out of bed, and dark colours are pretty fool proof you see. At least my bright yellow bag is with me most of the time and acts as my protection against my full conversion. It is the only bit of yellow I have seen for a while, as all I have seen in for the last few weeks seems to be grey clouds and water. Maybe the problem is I am starting to blend in! (Revolation)

Do you like my hair? (I love getting my hair cut (confession))



  1. love this outfit, I love the dark spectrum too and I can't blame you for heading towards that area of the spectrum with the weather being all dull and gloomy, it totally reflects it on people but I love how you've added colour with the bag, definitely chic :) love your hair too, I really want short hair as everyone seems to be having them lately and everyone suits them except me :( so I have to stick with long for now haha <3

  2. I have a similar coat also from Zara! It looks so lovely paired with dresses and skirts! Beautiful photos! xx

  3. Love how you made these look like an editorial xx

  4. I love how the yellow satchel brings just the right pop of color! Not fan of dark blue, but you're doing great!

    I'd love if you come by and visit my blog as well!

  5. Your hair is so freaking cute. I wish mine would grow out thick like that...but it goes all haywire when it gets longer!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  6. I love the contrast bright coloured bag against the black outfit!
    This is a really great post :)


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  7. I really love your style, I better follow for more :)

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