- 2014 -

Scarf- Urban Outfitters, Skirt Top- Made by Me, Socks- American Apparel, Cardigan- Vintage, Shoes- Hudson
Ok so yes it is the 5th of January and I am writing this. But! Happy New Year!! I can't wait to find out what 2014 will bring. 2013 was good so 2014 you have a lot to live up too. Looking back on 2013 I had alot of fun, I went to France and spent a week at Central St Martins which was U-mazing.
Tomorrow will feel like the first day of 2014, starting college, getting dressed in 10 minutes without looking like something, well something. I never really do that new year, new me stuff, since I am happy with me, peanut butter addiction and all. I guess in the holidays I sort of change my hole I do excises thing vanishes as does my ability to organise. Tomorrow I will have to get back to that, I guess.

My outfit sort of sums up my year. I guess this means that my 2013 was plad!


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