!!Its Freaking Cold!!

Skirt- Made by me, Jumper- Crew, Coat- Zara and Boots- Tuffa 

It's suddenly become freaking cold here in the UK, Honesty there should be a sign somewhere in my room saying "Your going to freeze today!!" then I might dress for the weather for once; the other day I wore fishnets or as my mum referred to the them "hole-ly tights" haha I became a ice cube by the end of the day. I would love to be able to get to college in the mornings without having to wait 10 minutes to start to drink my coffee (or tea lets not discriminate).  I need gloves (revelation; I only just thought of that), aha. 

This coat is sort of my baby (my blue baby), I know that this style of coat is all over the place at the moment, and that  ZARA seems to be the King of these coats; but they are just so perfect I am already plotting my next one. I finished making my skirt just before I took these photos, I was originally going to wear my new kilt but as  I am obsessed with my newest project I could resist the chance to show it off. I adore the  asymmetric cut of the skirt, combined with the tartan esk print I can't wait to wear it with a more flowy top. I kind of want to talk about my shoes but I don't know what to say (and you can't see them).



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