Lazy Early Mornings Uniforms

(top- h&m, cardigan and socks- TopShop, jeans- Urban outfitters, bag and scarf- Vintage and shoes- Hudson)

Some days jeans just feel right; some days, the days when I can't be bothered to look super cool in a killer dress ( ha cos I always look so super cool right). On those days (aka monday mostly), I tend to slip into my favorite pair of urban jeans, sip a cup of coffee and shhhhhhh with the help of some headphones. As on a early monday morning actually functioning like a normal human being is miles away, who ever thought that 6am was a apopute time to ever consider being awake?? As a lot of this process happens in the car on the way to collage or on the bus (not gonna lie I often back to sleep), I have become a huge fan of comfort. My favorite cardigan, a scarf and polo neck; of course all oversized embody pure comfort, at least they do that early in the morning. The slight heel of my boots make me feel a bit more dressed up, ready to face a day, without falling over while I am walking because I am not quite awake enough yet for heals. After chucking together this early morning uniform I am ready to run out the door, sometimes with makeup in hand ready ish to face a day.



  1. A good and classic uniform always has something striped - I also love your sweater a lot! xx

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