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Jumper- Zara //Dress- Urban Outfitters // bag-Monki //Shoes-Office

I live in a puddle right now!!
Well my house is sort of flooding; can I scream not run/ weird/ puddles are only fun to splash around in outdoors fast enough. 
In times like these (when you house decides to embrace the outdoors) we have no choice but to go into our comfort zone and hug, blue is definitely my comfort zone colour. The blue outfit is all sort of inspired by James longs A/W 2013, I have been obsessed with it, since I first saw it. I love the sort of relaxed drop waist thing going on. His collection is always in the back of my mind when I get dressed, maybe because it was the wallpaper on my phone for 3 months. 



  1. Love your skirt!
    These photos are really inspirational too :)


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  2. nice shots , yes indeed i also like the skirt , as kendra said above but i have been notice the boots which are great !!


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