A jumper and a grey skirt

Ok so who ever said that life was easy was so lying. I don't think that I have really breathed in the last week. (All thanks to the joys of A levels) Let alone had time to think about this blog :(, I barely managed to take pictures for this last weekend, this year is going to be a bit crazy. At least with this jumper I can be comfortable and stressed; it is so comfy it is like wearing a duvet (it makes getting up in the morning so much more enjoyable). I already worn it like 5 times and I have only had it a week. It kind of goes with everything (being black). It's so huge; it makes a statement every time I wear it, people keep on touching it as well but really it is amazingly soft. 

I paired it with this skirt from Topshop, which I bought on a whim and since have become very smitten with. The slit on the front is quite interesting! I guess I have always thought that they belonged on the side; haha but now who knows they could be on the diagonal and still be amazing. I can already tell that this is going to be a very well loved piece. There are so many possibilities for it!!


(.P.S. I am back now I swear from my blog hiatus thing which has been going on, I missed it)


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