Let's Go....

 (shirt- Zara, tank top and skirt- Topshop, shoes- New Look & bag- Vintage) 
This is what I wore the other day to go the spa with my friend. A trip to the spa was definitely needed; as I left feeling a lot more relaxed than before when I went in, as well as giving me this sense of healthiness which can only come from something like that. Honestly it definitely did something to me, I add salad in a Italian restaurant afterwards no pasta or pizza in sight! (If you know me then you will appreciate that as a huge feet, as me and carbs as like this.)

I know it seems silly to make an effort to look well good if you're going to sit in a pool of water and hot rooms of steam for 2 hours. But I honestly couldn't help it. There is this sort of calming quality to black, which I guess goes perfectly with the idea of the spa. I also kind of like how the floral print of my silk shirt pops against the black of everything else. I am also kind of obsessed with this shirt, (we are in love, like I haven't said that before).




(.P.S. Is it only me who wants in to be autum already almost bought a wool jumper the other day. I regret not buying it)


  1. Wow, nice pics. I have just discover your blog and I like it very much, it's so cute!
    ¿do you want to follow each other?

    Best Regards.

  2. You look absolutely lovely. Plus you have the sweetest face!

    I honestly don't want it to be autumn for the first time in years. I guess it's because that when Autumn begins, school starts too. And I'm most certainly not looking forward to it :')


    1. Thankyou, haha I kind of agree with about school starting it can be so daunting


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