View From a Tree

(tank top- Unknown, ripped jeans and top -DIY & flip flops- Havaiana)
I am not normally one for ripped jeans. I am not really the type; but I was craving a pair the other day (god knows why), so being me I made some, it was quite relaxing ripping the hell out of something was fun (who knew). I love the casual kind of cali vibe that they give off. I paired these jeans with my more structured peplum top, because each piece is so different. I was kind of just playing to be honest, I was not even planning on taking any photos, but since I out and I had a camera with me (I carry a camera with me everywhere) I thought why not. I had to get creative with a tripod though as I wasn't lugging that around with me. My solution was to hang my camera in trees; yes it was kind of scary to put my camera in a tree, but it all worked fine. Plus I really like the effect you get as you don't know how the photo will look kind of a guessing game (reminded me of using a film camera that you have to focus your self). 

I hope you enjoyed this quick post, I am just about to leave for the station so it was rather quickly done



.P.S. what do you think of the photos??? 

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