BAM Shorts So Orange

Hey Guys,

(Shorts- Lover, Bag- Michel Kors, Socks- Maria La Rosa, Heals- Asos, Shirt- TopShop, Sunnys- Linda Farrow and Lip Crayon- Bourjois)

The weather has been amazing in the UK of late. Well it's been sunny I mean really sunny and warm. But I don't want to go on about the weather I know that it has been talked about to death already. However considering the current heat wave I decided to put together an outfit moodboard thing that relaxes my current state of mind (well clothing wise). This look is inspired by shorts, there's nothing that SCREAMS summer more than shorts and a good pair is kind of perfection in my humble opinion. 

I think that the thing which I like the most about these shorts, is how sloughy and casual they are. (I could so wear these with a food baby) Recently I have been craving slouchy clothes, stuff that breathes (so the weather's fault). I guess I have fallen into the trap of mixing slouchy and structured (uhnnn blogger bit); Can you get more structures than a white colored shirt?? I personally don't think so! This one is by TopShop and has this amazing floral lace de-tail on it. I of course would wear this color dun up all the way as I have a need to do that (GEEK ME). Slouchy socks and sandals are a craving right now. I have no clue why; I think I like the idea of the socks being so baggy cos they sort of add this bo-ho vibe thing that I love so much and without them I would feel so not my self. The lip stain is cool as long as you don't drop it on the shirt. I love this Michel Kors bag so much I am dying to own it.


(.P.S. Do you like the new design I have to say I am even though their are a few little bits more to do) 

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