Watch out I can drive (sort of)

Hey my lovely readers,

So if you know me (in person) the you would know that I am finally 17. And yes that means that with someone over the age of 21; who's had a license for over 3 years, I can drive!!!!!!! You have no idea how excited that makes me. I'm so excited to learn, even though it gonna be a huge fail. Still can't wait. I live in quite a rural area of the UK and have to drive everywhere, so it's really exciting to be able (hopefully) to do it myself rather than rely on parent power.

(Top- Monki, Skirt- Alexander Wang, Shoes- Free People and Bag-Vintage)
This was what I was planning on wearing on my birthday (I took these photo's a few days early), but on the achel day of, it looked a bit grey when I woke up. So I decided to forgo the tights and bare legs and go for something a bit more sensible. Anyway I love this outfit, it's so simple, with the bold floral shirt and simple black skirt. The contrast between the harsh black and the floral pattern makes me so happy and I love my sandals they seem to tie it all in together. 

I hope you like what I am wearing.

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  1. Learning to drive is such an awesome thing - congrats and happy birthday! Love this look. x


  2. Lovely outfit, love the shirt! xx Maylis

  3. love the shirt and be safe with the driving!


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