Blue like the sky

Hey Guys,

Ok so I know that the blue is not quite sky blue, but I swear that this is the colour blue that 5 year old me thought it was. (well according to my drawings from the time anyway)

I am really enjoying making these mood boards. Can you tell? This one is all about the Band of outsiders dress. It’s been open on a window on my laptop for the last week. I just love the shape and the pixelated flower pattern. The soft colouring of the dress really lends itself to strong colours and shape; they really empathise the shape and pattern of the dress. My favorite thing is the knit bomber jacket by Stella McCartney jacket, because I would feel like an eskimo in it.  Also the bold shape of the topshop bag, I could fit my whole world in that bag, which is definitely a good thing. The little details on the shoes are so delicate and beautiful, they are each so different, but they are each super cute.

!I hope you liked it!    

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