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Dear Readers,

(Jacket-Vintage, skirt & tee- TopShop, shoes- Convese, watch- Michal Kores)

I am sorry that blog posts are a bit sparse at  the moment I am working hard at school for AS exams and handing in coursework, I hope you all understand. I love blogging can't wait to get to summer and have more time to blog for you guys. (Now I have apologised lets get onto the post : ))

This jacket; well this jacket. I fell in love with it when I fount it in a £5 bin in a vintage shop last year. Ever since then it has sat on my clothes rail collecting dust. Then about a week ago I took a stand and put it on my way out the door. I was surprised to find how much I liked it as I have been mulling it over for the last year. Now it is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. It just seams to signify the right levels of androgyny and girlishness through the colour, cut and shape of this jacket. I can tell that I am going to wear it quite a lot more this summer (hint hint look coming to a laptop near you) as it looks amazing done up as well. It has been temporally left on it's hanger though as it is far to hot to wear at the moment  Seriously summer has come to the Uk I am wearing a tee- shirt and no tights today, (can you tell I took these photos a few days ago).

Do You ever re-discover clothes like that??
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