OMG what is that the sun

Hi Guys

(dress and cardigan- vintage, shirt thing- second hand, boots-asos)

So it was sunny the other day in England I know I YOU AREADY KNOW as about 100% of all Uk bloggers have a least mentioned it once but still it seams to be a rare occasion. I spent my day socking up the rays sort of I spent time outside (as I don't have the patience to sit outside and do nothing for that long). I love it's when it's sunny and warm as I get to wear some of my favourite pieces, such as that dress which I DIYed my self last summer. It just so pretty with the spots I swear at the slightest hint of sun I go mental skirts and dresses all the way even though people are still walking around in winter coats where I live. 

I hope you enjoyed the sun shine if you live in the UK

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