A Uniform

Hello dear Readers,

I have recently discovered that I have a bit of a uniform. A shirt, a skirt and a jumper. I guess it's normal to wear variations of the same thing over and over again. I can only have so many clothes in my wardrobe right? Still I was shocked when I looked through some photos  and saw that I wear the same base outfit over again. I love my base outfit, I feel comfortable in it and it's easy to switch up every day as I have a lot of skirt, collared shirts and jumpers. Dose this make me dull boring?? I kind of feel it dose, however it makes me more determined to try to brake from my uniform. So I guess this blog will get a bit more varied soon.  or filled with a new uniform perhaps?? I think I am just going to try and make what I wear more varied give trousers a try and brake out my jackets. 
 (PS: their is a new Levi for liberty collection out on Monday if you didn't know it should be good)

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  1. Hey dear, I love how you mix the pattern and style!!

    Would be also great if you visit my blog too :)


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