When it's all over and done

Hello dear Readers,
So I am well aware that London Fashion Week is over and done by a while now. But I have wanted to write this ever since it started. And this my favourite collections for AW2013. I loved so many designers this fashion week, it was hard to pick. I kind of feel it is a bit dull to write why I liked each one in paragraph under each collection, so I have only written a few words. Hope you agree with my top 3 collection picks

Bold, strong colour, interesting shapes, Amazing. Felder Felder

The second look is amazing, I love the colour and the fabric.

Bold, amazing embroidery, colour. Louise Gray

I am in love with that coat. I really like that coat I feel in love with it the minute I saw it, I love the pattern and the way it tricks the eye. 

Blue, baggie, long skirts, pretty. James Long

I love the colour of this, I am such a fan of mixing tones. Both looks just looks so comfy I just want to curl up in it. Perfect for collage and such


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  1. nice looks, nice collections, I'm a fan of Theyskens Theory this season, what about you?


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