Out on the road

Hey Guys,

Top-Zara, Cardigan- Asos vs Ebay, necklace and socks- accessorize, shorts-DIY, Tights-M&S (I think) & shoes-Asos

So as London Fashion Weeks starts so does my half term (Good timing hu), not hard to guess what my half term is going consist of. Unfortunately I am not actually going to any of it so I have carved a little whole out for me and my laptop, so that I can watch it (I put a throw on my sofa).  I can't wait to see what LFW has in store for us.

I feel quite French today. With my bright green beri (which I really should wear more) and sailor stripes. I'm reading a book about Chanel, which is so good you all have to read it. I kind of am wearing stipes in her honour also I am quite addicted to them as they remind me of spring and the sunshine (what that I say, sunshine?) I know I am talking of sunshine but you are not getting the tights and shorts off me just yet. Theses shorts were hand made by me (I am very pleased with my self) I have been dreaming about them since before christmas and it is only now I have had the time to make them. I love the corduroy, it has an amazing texture and dose not get used enough. The bagginess of the shorts makes them so comfy, they are so lose (a bit big) but this means that I can eat as much as I want and not get that uncomfortable feeling that comes with a food baby.

I hope you all are enjoying life

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  1. I love your creativity when it comes to fashion

  2. I love your green beret! Feeling French is always a good thing in my opinion ;)

  3. Your combination between the lime beret and burgundy is AMAMAMZZZZZING! Love thse pics!! Fabulous!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  4. I absolutely LOVE the green and burgundy combination. I love the two colors, but I've never thought of wearing them together!


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