The day of Chocolate eating

Hey Guys

Happy Easter

Hope You all are having a good time munching your way through a mound of the sweat stuff. I my self got a very yummy green and blacks egg which will be no more by tomorrow. I was trying to think of what to say about my outfit this morning and I realised I am wearing pastels! For me this is big as it is one of the first times I am actually dressed for spring so far this year. Weird hu! Anyway I blame the bitter cold weather at the moment. Haha

I love this skirt, I really don't wear it enough. It was a gift from a friend of my mums, she gave it to me, longer and sons tip. Since I made it wearable I have only worn it twice as I never know what to put it with, so this morning I made the choice and decided that today was the day that I would make it work. I am not shore how on trend it is? Or if I like the shoe pairing (btw: as of now I have decided that a pair of brogues would have looked much better but we won't go their now). Still I am quit happy content with this choice, especially after my after my huge  Easter lunch (I feel like I can't move) as the skirt is a tad big, so I have room for my food baby (haha).

I hope everyone is haveing a good easter

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