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Hey Guys,

wearing: dress-Topshop, jumper-Olive, necklace- Unknown, shoes-Hudson and tights-M&S

How are you all I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, (well it has been a while). I am in the mists of a ton of work, :( so I haven't really been able to write for a while. (I still kind of can't but am ignoring that fact). Any hoo the good old UK is bloody cold, I mean it, like January cold, so it has been hard to feel spring like. The plage of dark colours is still going strong, even if todays get up feels at least a bit more spring like. I am a bit obsessed with the twenties (1920's) silhouette at the moment. So I decided to layer this jumper over this skirt to try and achieve this look. What do you think? Haha I rather like it and am going to try it with more of my stuff.

Just a quick line today hope you are all well
(PS: I hope to be able to write more soon almost easter and I have a backlog of outfits waiting to be blogged + a few other Ideas for some fun postes (more baking))

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