Standing in the Snow

Hi Guys,

Dress-Zara, Shirt-vintage, Jumper-H&M, Cardigan-Top Shop (this is from a few year ago) & Scarf-Prezzie

Well it snowed! Yay, I kind of hate snow a bit but yay anyway. I got a day off school and us brits got a new thing to mown about. Haha even though I am not the greatest snow fan I still donned my hat (which makes me look a bit like a elf) and went inro the great out doors. I even got into the spirt of the thing, chucking a few snow balls at my brother my appointed camera man. It was fun haha I even got to do a bit of baking (something of a rarity in these course work riddled times).

I am pretty shore that wear more blue than any other colour, yeah I know it's kind of boring but still I can't help it. So in light of the snow I thought I would take the colour to an extreme well sort of three things. But still I was trying to play with layer and fabrics, with the floral dress underneath and the navy blue shirt then a blue jumper on-top.

I hope your enjoying the snow if your in the Uk and your weather where ever you are in the world.



  1. this is lovely, such a lovely photo location!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. That snow is such a gorgeous backdrop for your photos! I desperately want to see snow (no snow where I live unfortunately.) You look so cosy in your knit cardigan and beanie.

  3. LVE cozy and knitted stuff

  4. these are lovely photos!

    hope you'll visit back

  5. Love the location and you're chunky knitwear :D ! xx

  6. Hi, doll!
    I love this post- it is absolutely gorgeous, just like you!

    I have redesigned my blog, and I’d love to hear what you think!
    Here is my latest post: The Map Necklace

    Summer from Passports & Prada

  7. What fun pics and you look really yummy wearing your Wellingtons they save your Tights from getting splashed.

  8. I agree with Carole you look adorable wearing your Wellies with Tights, I always wear Tights when I've got my Wellies on, I like how they feel on my legs.


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