Playing in a Temporary Lake


This jumper is amazing, it's the most comportable thing ever I swear. It's so soft and sloughy, but also looks amazing. AMAZING! I have never really been an oversized jumper girl, preferring more figger hugging cloths but this changed my mind. It's the different coloured sleeves, must be, I can't think of any other detail that would make me fall so bad for this. I have worn so much since I got it (it was a pre-chosen by me present from my grandparents) and it has just become such a easy, simple but beautiful option of clothing to wear.

Although I normally wear my wellies on my way to take pictures, it is rare that I actually wear then in a outfit. But today was one of those rare days when I could not help but don them and go have a good old splash about  (I swear I am not 5) in the huge puddle that was created  as a result of all the rain that we have had (gruph). But this was the most fun I have had in ages. I fully advise everybody to have a go, I got a bit wet but had a blast. So much better than snow in my opinion, as this was a lot warmer.

Well I hope that you are having an amazing 2013 (How are you resolutions going?) 


  1. You look really adorable wearing your Wellies with Tights I hope that you're going to post more pics, Wellies are now high fashion and everybody's wearing them, i love them.

  2. those boots are so cute, these photos are super fun!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  3. Love the cool colorblocked sweater! It took me a minute to realize the sleeves are two different colors - but so cool!

  4. that jumper does look so comfy! and must be so cool standing in that puddle haha

    hope you'll visit back

  5. Adorable look - and lovely photos! I never bother with resolutions anymore, I never manage to keep them beyond a week! X


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