The yummiest peanut butter cookies in the land

    Hi guys
 The food love in my life is peanut butter, I have a serious addiction I go through about a pot a week roughly. I know it's bad. But I don't just have it on toast I put in things like theses cookies. They are the yummiest thing, you kind of have to make them if you into peanut butter and don't be scared by the pretzels they are a key part in the deliciousness of the cookies. The recipe it's self comes from the Boy Who Bakes first book (His name is Ed Kimber and he won the GBBO as it is so quaintly referred to in my house)

Anyhoo this the recipe...

You will need:
.300g of Plain Flour
.1 teaspoon of baking powder and the same again of Bicarb
.225g of butter unsalted
.2 eggs beaten to a pulp
.240g of caster sugar
.220g of SOFT brown sugar
.250g of peanut butter (it says smooth in the recipe but I prefer crunchie but either works)
.40g of salted peanuts and the same of pretzels (crushed into tiny pieces)
.100g or their abouts of Milk chocolate chips (chunks of Dairy Milk milk are good here but brake the piece into small chunks rather than just snapping)

The recipe:
Pre heat your oven 180'c or gasmark 4. Then sift your flower and bicarb and baking powder into a bowl and set aside. Put butter and sugars into a large bowl and cream together, next add your peanut butter (the best bit). Then slowly add the egg while mixing constantly before folding in flour, chips, pretzels and salted peanuts. Chill in a fridge for at least 30 minutes.

While they are chilling prepare the trays with baking parchment. When the dough is sufficiently chilled (needs to have a cold) role into balls about a inch in diameter and bake for about 13-15 mintes till a golden brown around the edges.  Then cool and enjoy. I like mine with a cup of chi or earl grey tea.

I hope you like these and if you do attempt them I would love to hear how yours go

PS I hope you all have a good new years

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