Mad about the flower print

Hi Guys

I am wearing: dress: olive, cardigan: flee, boots: Hudson, scarf: present
Life is good right now, filled with the joys of Christmas the food, the stuff and the general atmosphere of the whole event. I don’t know about you but Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year along with the summer Holidays and payday. It has a place is my heart, but this year it has caused me to identify a key part in my makeup (well my wardrobe).

I have a problem with floral prints, I have to many, I got two new dresses this Christmas (both of which I chose) and they are both floral which adds to the huge pile of floral prints I already had. Some may say that this is a bad thing. But. Ummm. Well I just love them. It’s an obsession really. But I swear (with finger crossed behind my back) not to buy anymore floral unless it is an emergency like “I just have to have it”. Which is a phrase that I use far to much really, since I have a bit of a cloths habit and spent I bit to much money in the run up to Christmas. I am a huge consumer and have no sticking power when it comes to bans, I could not even keep up a Starbucks ban (well how else am I meant to spend a free at collage) over their tax aversion (I am very glad they decided to start paying some tax).  I now enjoy guilt free coffee aka my lifesaver.

Hope you all are having a great Christmas

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  1. So cute! The different prints look so good together! Great styling!



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