Happy Christmas

Hi Guys

Christmas is one of those frantic times of year when you are too busy to anything other than see family, hence I have not posted in a while. But I hope that you all are having a good one. I certainly am. Getting very round on Christmas dinner (with nut roast instead of Turkey as I am a vegetarian) was most defiantly not a bad way to spend a day. I love the whole atmosphere of Christmas, how everybody (at least in my family) is a good mood and nothing will ever taste bad. But I have to say that this must have a lot to do with the presents which they receive or that amazing atmosphere which goes with it. I personally received some new boots by hudson, which I love as they have this amazing quality about them. They are the best thing brown boots with leather on that stretchy bit so beautiful I never want to wear them but at the same they just call me (like all good boots do). They are the most amazing gift, exactly what I wanted. I hope that you all got what you wanted.

A Merry Christmas too you



Now to go back to going though my vogue magazine which santa left in my stocking along with some amazing books including coco Chanel, Vintage fashion and one on the way the fashion industry works 

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