with a crown on my head I run

Hey guys

I really wasn't planning on posting today. I was not! But then I was looking around my room, which is very surprising seeing as it has no heating at the moment and when I am up their I am normally freezing as I have a very low tolerance for cold (I HATE IT, MORE THAN MY LEAST FAVOURITE FOOD). So I saw my flower crown, that I made in the summer and never put the outfit together to wear it with. So spred on by seeing Flash of Styles resent post on how to make a flower crown I thought I would bite the bullet and wear mine. I was so excited by the fact I was wearing it I thought take some pictures of it. Hence here it is. I am wearing it with my favourite DIYed shorts which to be honest I wear way to much. Then I have a Crew Clothing shirt, which I love because of the strips which makes me think ow sweats (which I have baned my self from eating from now on). To top it off knee high socks and my favourite top shop cardigan.

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  1. beautiful photos!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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