Some sort of wish list


Guess what I want?

Some sort of wish list

1.First thing which I want polorneck dress. I love this one because of the stripes and the colour (I am loving red right now if you haven't guessed).  I can just imagen walking around in this a patterned leather jacket and boots pluss maybe a pair of woolly tights, attempting to look cool. This is something which I could throw on at 6:30 in the morning and be ready to go at the moment this is essential (because me at 6:30 is like a snail, very slow).

2.These boots, they are sam edelman (need I say more) these beauties are just longing for a place on my feet and I can't wait to put them their when I find £100 spare (hmm maybe I should rob a bank)

3.I am really having a thing about hats at the moment (I wear my beari at leat once a week and feel that what I relay need is one of these babys. I think I would just feel super happy with this on, and it would help me keep of the rain as I never have an umbrella.

4.Printed tees are the best thing. I am not a huge fan of people who wear the band ones with no clue what the band sounds like; let alone being a fan. This one is cute I like bikes even if I don't have one.

5. Ok so I don't know what to say about this one other than I dare you not to like that. I am serious.

6. I am a huge fan of the doctor style bag and I thought that this one is particularly good (although I probs would not buy it as it has no strap and I am too lazy to keep a bag on my arm all day) : \

7. Ok so this is a cute mug, but mostly this symbolises coffee. I love coffee at the moment and normally wouldn't mind a cup of the stuff. If it's given to me in a cute cup the likelihood I would say no is about 1%.

I hope you enjoyed and this inspired you as much as these things always inspire me

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  1. My favourite is the hat :D I love red. Nice collection. <3


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