Autumn is Here

HI Blog readers

It truly feels like autumn now, weather you like it or not. I am still under sided as I am waiting for a summer. But it is here and the apples are ripening, leaves are browning and school has started (the latter I am not all that happy about). So what goes along with that cloth, haha they are good for almost everything. haha What I think of when I think when I think of autumn is bright red lips and lot's of warm colour and pattern. I just love the way that they scream in my head that autumn is here. That and I always that type of thing.

But I am not completely letting go of hope and I will still wear high socks as well as shorts and tights so summer never seams far from my heart. I love summer so much, but now I have work, breathing down my neck saying spell me wrong ect. I miss summer. Still I like my collage so I am not constantly sitting at my window and singing Taylor Swift in a mopey fashion as I am prone to doing when I feel in that sort of mood. No I am sitting with a scarf on drinking a cup of tea and listening to Of Monsters and Men quit content. Wearing the type of cloths I love even if my room has no heating at the moment and getting dressed is a rase to put cloths on. Ready! Set! Go!!!

I love this shawl it's such a nice piece to have for this time of year even if I do ever so lightly look like a black bird, it's relay warm especially when a scarf is added in the mix. just the right amount of warmth. SHORTS AND TIGHTS of course and a 70's style tops it all off, it's one of my favourite outfits so far this year.

Lot's of love 


  1. I love your Shorts, Tights and Wellingtons combo, perfect for Autumn and you look good too.

  2. I just love that shawl! =)

  3. I love your scarf so much! Great look. I hope you have time to check out my blog. xx

  4. Cool scarf! Following you on GFC! It would be great if you can check my blog and maybe follow me back:)

    Kisses, Lucy!


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