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I have never liked my bed more than on a Thursday. Its such a comfortable thing to go back to after most of a week at collage. With it's soft inviting duvet and pillows as soft as air to rest my tired head. It is never that comfortable as then, not after hours of endless exams, never like that. It's is only the sort of thing that occurs after long days (filled with socializing and work) and a after collage stint at life drawing. To put this into context most of my days mean that I have to get up six o'clock in the morning; ironically except for Thursday when I normally get a hour extra before I get up and do a little bit of work before dragging my self up to catch a bus. It's not fun even then. Darkness is a hazard now as I am convinced that one of theses days I shall turn up with blusher on my temples and eye liner that turns me into a sad forgotten clown named cuddles. It has not happend yet but I am shore it. (Don't worry I will put a picture of this for your own enjoyment).

But their is a light to my dull mornings and that is my wardrobe, my personal therapist that will cure any bad moods. It's like a drug I swear I love and would try to save the whole thing in a fire. I love to chose what to wear, even if sometimes it proves troublesome and I get their and have changed my mind. Which is not a good thing if I do as that as I can't change. But most days I am happy. I love to wear skirts (well I always have), but strangely enough when I imagined future Sasha attending collage she wore trousers as her could not be bothered to look good, I proved my self wrong.

Now today my outfit all started off with one green beri, yes the hat I just had a need to wear it and I can already feel it pulling on tomorrows clothing choice as well. Then playing on the green I added a cardigan also I have a cold : ( and needed something warm hence my scarf. Then I picked a old favorite  which I have not worn for ages my dress a leather belt tided the whole outfit together and their you go my clothing logic. 

I have discovered that it is the small things that get me though the week without giving up and just going back to sleep. Also this blog has sort of been me talking about collage (go figger)


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