My New start

Hey guys

I do have to confess to writing this in a free period, where I had nothing better to do.

So leading on from that frankly honest statement I should add that I have just started collage and my a levels. A very daunting prospect for a slightly shy girl who is going to a school at which she knows no one. But I am coping doing the whole being friendly thing and such hence I have met some nice people, (I think I should be fine their). Even if I am finding it hard to fill free's (free periods), I am at least enjoying it.

I love not having to wear that evil, monotonous school uniform which up till now in my education I have been unfortunately cursed up until this time. I love it, picking out the cloths everyday before collage. Even if I do have to get up earlier to incorapate the extra decision  time that it takes. I love the freedom and getting to see what everybody else is wearing. Cloths relay do express your personalty so well and are a great conversation starter (mostly among girls). So far I have worn shorts once, trousers once and a skirt once which is what I am currently wearing. I have been at collage for three days by the way, that's the reason why I have nothing to do in free's.

Anyhoo as that is the most exciting part of the post has come. The lo down on the cloths. The dress which is relay the best part of the outfit, this is from the £5 bin at one of my local vintage shops. It is completely from how it was when I bought it, as I shortened it and drastically changed the neck line. Then I wore it with my floral jacket from H&M which I love such an amazing thing. I think that it gives the whole outfit just a tad bit of edge. Then I am wearing my Chelsea boots from asos with socks on show. I did this because something inside of me was just telling me to do so and that voice was right as I think it looked amazing. Then I have a bit of vintage lase in my hair to give it a bit of a vintage feel.

I wore this outfit in the brief period of time when the UK got some much needed sun shine, which sadly has now finished as this post is about to as it is time to go to my next lesson.




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