Red or Dead

This is vaguely what I need to get this autumn. From the reddest of lips to the most beautiful dresses.

In my life their are some things I just need. Red lipstick is one of theses things. It is something I have a obsession with, honestly if I don't have it I feel as if I am missing something. That dose sound a bit dumb to have that must of a obsession with a colour of lipstick, but the reality is I do. So the colour which I  think is a. missing in my collection and be what I think would just look perfect for autumn is a orange/ red colour. This would take the orange hue out of the falling leaves and match them into that sumptuous red lip.

Dresses are the most easy thing to slip into in a morning they stand on their own well a good one dose and all I need on that type of day is a dash of eye liner and something on my lips and I am done. Hopefully this will work to my favour in about a weeks time when I have to go back to school and for the first time in my life we have no uniform, which I am relay looking forwards to, as I hated my last one. However I take my sweat time getting ready in the mornings, so feel I need some fast fix on getting ready as also I hate to get up, ummm beds were just made way to comfortable.  So hopefully with a dress I will practically be able and get up and go on those morning when it is the last thing I want to do.

Their are a few notes on my mood bord of what I would like this autumn. I hope you enjoyed.


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