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You may seen that London Fashion Week has started (if you have not you must be stuck in a cave somewhere with a computer. No I have no idea how you could miss that). So I though I would show you some of the things I have seen which I love so far as we are only day three. On that note I must say how much of a great start to the weekend it was for LFW to start made Friday so much better as lets face it how ever good friday is, it is just one of those annoying days, which is not relay the week or the weekend. All I can say is just make your bloody mind up.

1. Moschino Cheap And Chic Spring / Summer 2013  2. John Rocha Spring / Summer 2013

3.John Rocha Spring / Summer 2013                               4.Felder Felder Spring / Summer 2013

5.Antoni & Alison Spring / Summer 2013                          6.House of Holland Spring / Summer 2013

This sort of the best bit's of what I have seen and I advise you too look at all all of these collections because they are all amazing. Over the next week I shall be looking forwards to seeing Vivienne Westwood (later today), Louise Grey and Temporally London. If you care. All of that and spelling designers names wrong.
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source all of the LFW website

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