Lets sit on the sand all day

Hey GUys 
 When sea meets sun meets sand then harmony rains over all.

Ow the seaside, the best of British traditions in my humble opinion. The sun, sea and sand not forgetting the ice cream are all iconic and just stick in my head, Granted that we don't always get the sun. But ice-cream is most defiantly the best bit in my eyes. I am fully aware that I can eat it at home (and often do) but their is something about the seaside which makes it taste 100 times better. When I was little my favourite type was a 99. A sort of mr wippy with a flake or two sticking out the top of it, truly delicious. But even two this day I have not mastered eating it without getting it all over my face. But as I have grown I have started to favour the tub rather than the cone as the cone never fales to make me feel ill, their is just something about it which makes my tummy churn (I am fully aware how weird I am). Hence I now like to choice one of the thousands of different spoons on offer to sit in my ice cream. I also have a new favourite flavour, no longer the boring vanilla of the 99, but now the delightful mix of bannofie and chocolate. If you ever have the chance to try this combo it will knock your socks off, with how grate it is.

To me the beach is a place where you can wear anything, as you can see with me standing in the middle of the bay in my vintage dress. I love the pattern on this, and although the zip kept on coming undone reviling a lot of my back, I still loved this dress. Their is this contrast between the stiff 60's (esk) dress and the free sea which I find enchanting. I guess it dose not help that the sea is so blue. In this I no other accessories on even though I relay was wearing my sixties style sunnys which I showed a few months back, they not only did a beautiful job of keeping the sun out of my eyes they also paired perfectly with the dress, my new watch also was worn although I am yet to show that, I promise I will soon. I won't say too much about as then it will be a surprise but it did add a bit of a modern feel into the outfit.

Have the most amazing summer 


  1. Ahh I agree...a British's summer day is not complete without an ice cream! And oh my god I am completely in love with this dress...it is ever so chic! And your hair is a gorgeous length and colour. Can't resist a nice bob. And I've been looking over your previous posts and I really love your blog...you are really stylish and seriously need more followers! Looking forward to more posts from you!

    Gemma x


  2. i love that you can wear anything at the beat too. that vintage dress looks so classic within the water!
    xo TJ


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