Hi guys

So I need some inspiration, I feel bored and sick of rain although I have already talked about that. I feel not stuck in a rut I keep on coming up with ideas, but more a tad lost. I think that the weather has me confused as I keep on thinking its October Although this dose happen very rarely, I do have a curse it's called googling  the decades (actors and blogger's) I like and trying to think what makes it grate. Hence I though I would show you a few images which I like. You should also know that I feel better writing this, my blog relay dose make me feel so much better.


I had to include a picture of twiggy, she is just so iconic and I love the jumper in this photo.
their is just so many different things going on I think that it would be impossible to not to find this inspirational   

I relay love the earing in this they are just so vibrant even in black and white

I probably could have shown you more images but I don't want to bore your socks off.

Lot's of Love


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