I never wear trousers

Hey guys

I am not somebody who is known for their wearing of trousers. I just never relay have been that type of person. When I was a small child I would only wear dresses and skirts, I must have driven my mum insane. I only had one pair of trousers which were sort of a similar print to theses just in gray, blue and green. They were not very nice, and I would always put up a massive fight over wearing them. That on relaxation probably has had a lot of influence on me not likening to wear trousers.
So I did have a faze when I was about 10 wear I would only wear jeans and denim skirts, but I am pretty shore most people go thought that. And if I hadn’t I defiantly not own any trousers now, even if I rarely wear them. In fact I have quit a few which haven’t been worn once, (cringe face) I promise I will soon.  Like most people the most common trousers I wear are jeans which are slightly boring except they are my equivalent to trakies, so I wear them to relax as trakies make me feel very uncomfortable. I normally wear a pair of high wasted cheep Monday ones with a cut up tee shirt and call it a day. The only jeans I want are a pair of bell bottoms. I love those jeans so much.
I love theses trousers because of their pattern; it so bold I love the colours they make me think of David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust, which can’t be a bad thing. On the other hand they make me want to golf, which is weird because I hate golf (no offence to golf fans I just am never a fan of sports which I don’t understand the rules for). Then there is the cut, beautifully going to just above the ankle and slightly tapering in. They have to be the best trousers that I found in a long time. They have just been paired very simply with a light pink tank and a simple vintage hobs shirt thing (which I have tied at the back). Then any accessories are gold as it complements the pink quite nicely in my opinion.

Lots of love


  1. Cute flats! =)


  2. You have a special way to show the trends that are better for you.


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