the olympics came to play

The Olympics have come to town. I am shore you all know by now that the Olympics have come to the Uk. So we now have sport coming out of our ears, (well at least I seem to). With new names, bronze, gold and silver the whole world has gone as potty as a box of chocolate frogs.  I am not normaly a sports fan (full stop), in fact most people with concur with me when I say that I am pretty much the least sporty person that you can find. But I have to say that I have been getting into the spirt of things. I am slowly becoming a small bit of a sports fan. (I may be slightly cringing as I write this).

It is relay a bit of a overstatement that I have never liked sport, I like eventing and have done for years. It's most likely because my mum, has always been into it so I kind of always new about it. I also like to jog (when I feel like it) and will do other sporting things ( but Not as a sport only for enjoyment and to stay looking sort of good looking), can you tell how adverse I am to sport yet. Haha

Anyway I have already said that I like eventing and horses in general, as I used to have a pony and my mum has two horses, it would be mutiny not to. So when I was thinking of what I could do to not completely avoid the topic of sport. I came up with this. (I was watching the cross country at the time) So this is what you get. Me wearing jodhpurs ( ones from a  actual horses shop on american apparel). I did not think that I was gonna look good, because I spent a lot of time looking a people in them (in that brief period when they were trendy) laughing my socks of because of how stupid they looked. I think and hope that you agree that I have styled theses appropriately. Any hoo I like it so I refuse to have a word said agent them. As my mum said "you look like your going to kings road". which I personally took as a massive complement. It sort of described the look perfectly in my view. I wore them with my monki shirt and urban jacket with of course converse.

What did you think 


  1. I love the lighting of these photos, very pretty! And that blazer is too cute :)


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