Don't you feel it

Do you feel it? Change it's in the air!
I never go far without my loafs

This is one of my favourite tops of the moment. It has a asian print on it which is to die for. The red in the top is a relay nice contrast to the dull brown of the skirt. This skirt has amazing detail on the bottom I DIYed it too be shorter and I do relay like it, a sort of 50's vibe if you ask me. The blue belt sets the whole thing off drawing from the blue in the shirt. I had my bring trimmed do you like it?
no other resin than look at my puppy!!!

Randomly (well it's a product of watching too much StyleLikeU and reading the adds) I decided that I hate adverts. Not in general. Well I fast forward though TV ads when possible but's out of being impatient more than any other thing. I saw this advert for anti ageing on-line while watching StyleLikeU and hated it.It was for some sort of anti ageing product. I hate how we are supposed to think of ageing as a bad thing, like we all should be young forever. I am looking forward to the ageing proses getting wiser and hopefully more mature.I don't think that we as a society should be putting pressure on the older women to be young. Relay we should just say hey to a 60 year old is hey here is an outfit a 20 year old would wear why don't you give it a try. We are saying to women that we want them to be mutter dressed as lamb! Look at Madonna she try's so hard to look young and what does she relay have to show for it. A large plastic surgery bill and a whole lot of bad press. I am not saying don't have plastic surgery it's a personal choice. Just don't do it out of the need to conform to what society want. It all comes down to the don't conform thing which has been around for decades.

It's weird looking back. I have look back though this blog and kind of cringe at what I have written and worn. The strange thing is that I would not change any of it, I am perfectly happy the way I am and love all of my bad choices in the past, they have brought me into what is today's me. Although I still think I shall look back and cringe. I love to cringe to me it means that I have memories and I have got asses to them. I see this blog as something that set me free. Even if I stopped tomorrow I would love this blog, I live somewhere and for the most part feel relay isolated from where I relay want to be. But this blog sort of makes up for that if gives me something to do with my time, but not only that it makes me feel as if I am a part of something even if I see no one has even looked at it. (that was a real heart felt moment)

So have a nice how ever long it is untill I post again



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