Hello Dear readers.

If I were to pick a topic of the month endings would defiantly be it.

Mostly because I finished school on friday, so now have three ish months of no school everyday (I still have a few exams left). I was a lot more sad about leaving then I thought I would be, I imagined my self to be indifferent about the whole thing but I was not. In fact I was on both sides of the scale. I was happy to leave as their a some people their I relay hate and could not wait to get rid. Also after 5 years I think I was ready for a change. I will miss my friend and the people that I vaguely know but are not besties with. I am sad to see five years worth of memories sort of leave in a way, but, big but (did anyone else get a vivid friend flash back to when Rachel and Ross sing that to their baby to get her to laugh) I am excited to see what comes next.

I now can smoothy relate this to my next topic.

The spring is OVER now summer has begun; well some elses summer (this can't be british). It has suddenly become 20+ degrees C and sunny. I love this type of weather, it has to be my favourite , I was born in a heat wave according to my parents so I attribute that to it. But if their is hot weather I feel at my best, it makes me smile. Now that spring is over ish I can start to enjoy summer.
My Tip Top 5 things to do (thing is in order of thought):

1. Watch 500 days of summer (for the 1 millionth time)

2. Watch Rise to Moon Shine Kingdom

3. Go shopping for cool vintage/ modern tees(a given but ha ho)

4. Go Strawberry piking (I get's more fun every time I go)

5. Start my own clothing line brand thing ( I will do another post on that later)

You can tell I am relay cool from most of that. Am I right.

Mostly what I think of when I think of warm weather starting however is cloths (sad I know).  I start thinking of summer dresses and other summer clothing things. But I have to leave behind spring fashion, I know it's not a massive change but still it's a ending right. I see everything that I have worn in the spring mostly jumpers act because it has been a extended winter. I loved all of that stuff it was one of my best dressed springs of all time ( I always think that though).  But again I am looking forward to summer and all of my summer outfits.

But that is what endings are all about. Beginnings! They seem far away for ages and ages but when a ending happens and new begging happens at the same time. They are both scary things but still they are important and make us move forward. Where would we be if people like Vivienne Westwood never moved on; never had a ending.

Lots of love sasha

I am wearing a old felt gilt of my mums, which I have peered with a dress which I made my self. The colours contrast each other relay well. Then I am wearing bright yellow flip flops because it is summer after all.

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