It has all ended

Haha Dramatic title, No?
my feeeeet yo

I am very happy right now as I have finished my exams, well achelly I finished on monday, which was a few days ago. I have also finished at my school, which I am glad about, I was defiantly ready to leave their. I think it was ok as I defiantly was not always the most happy Sasha their, but in the end it turned out ok. As do most things I have discovered.

I am offishly no longer 15 as well, As today is my birthday, whoop whoop. So lodes of endings, and with all of them I am not as upset as one may have thought. As with all endings something new starts and in my case that is summer; my favourite time in the year. I know very typical to say and the main resin I am so happy about this is that I have freedom to an extent which is nice. But relay I am exited to do things I want, like hang around art galerys and meet up with my friends and post here of course. I like that I will be able to do all this stuff, I shore that it will mostly become tedious after a while and I will be counting down to September 10th when I start my new school. But still I am exited.

I am not shore what more to put on the topic of endings, relay I want to post mainly to show the outfit I had on a few days ago (so 15 year old me). I like this outfit and I did have that small piece to write.

I am wearing my converse which are supper comfy with a liberty of London print skirt and a top which I am not shore of the origin of. I hope you like this outfit I, don't normally wear cloths like that, I thought that it was a very fun outfit

Lot's of Love


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  1. Hi!
    Happy birthday! We have the same age (:
    I like the outfit!



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