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I love looking at films for clothing inspiration because they always seem to have the best advice in them.
So Pretty In Pink it is a classic one which I hope you have all seen even if it is solely for the cloths in it. Fist a bit of background, (nunununu) So it is the story of Andy a girl from the poor side of the track, she goes school with very mean rich kids who party have sex and are teenagers. I should add that Andy does come across as slightly alternative, but that is why her style so amazing. She basically fall for a rich kid shock horror (he does look rather nice in 80's way btw if you were wandering). But.... but his friends don't like her she is not stuck up like them. I won't say more otherwise I will ruin the film for all of you.

Anyway what is so good about her style is that she does relay dress like a 80's girl she wears long skirts granny glasses and drives a pink car. It is so freaking nice did I mention that she makes most of her cloths  because her dad dose not relay have a job. I have an assortment of pictures of her outfits bellow so check them out...

I can't say more I love that skirt jacket combo and that dress so cute
That is what she turns that dress into, do you like it?
I just have to say hoe much I adore the duck misters style is so radd

I hope you enjoyed 

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