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Spring has sprung again maybe. If you live in the UK then I am shore you are aware of the fact we seam to be having okish weather again. So I am saying YAY I kind of hate the dull months they reminds me of Happy Potter 3 when the dementors (sorry if I haven't spelt that write). Anyway I am in too minds about spring. Mind a (The Best mind) I have got GCSE's and sort of don't wanna do them, Maybe well OK defiantly. Mind B (The best mind) It's spring one step closer to summer and I can wear bright colours and sandals again. Well Ok and my Birthday is in June and I want to turn 16.  Anyway the weather was amazing when I took these photo's I could not get over it, so warm and so bright. And walking around their were branches that I can walk across and things, I am a wild child (not like in that film with emma Roberts although that's a half decent film).

I love this outfit the skirt is something that just sit's in my wardrobe but I relay love. I love you 1950's style skirt, hehe. Anyway I loves this simplicity of it, with no pattern just denim it's beautifully plain. Then I have paired it with my cropped tee which I did my self it gives a grunge twist to the outfit without it being overly grungie. It's a good contrast to the 50's skirt but not to crazy as they are both in blue. A shock of colour is added with the green cardigan; a cardigan is defiantly a spring staple a grate light wait thing to slop on. The my favourite shoes EVER my loafs, even if they are sort of old granny. I sort of feel that this a outfit that andy from pretty in pink would wear. That is pluss for me as that film is my favourite.

Lot's of Love 

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