Hello my Dearest readers

What am I wearing?
I am wearing sparkly tights by m&s, I love sparkly things. Also my ever favourite ZARA pixie boots from years ago. A beautiful blue skirt by monki, which is one of my favourite brands I love the feel of it everything their I want I swear. Also a crew clothing jumper and a green vintage vest, it's the vest which makes this outfit.

I keep on tring to write about change, how my life has changed and so has my style. But relay reasently I have been stuck in a rut; I will admit a self put in rut but the same a rut. So instead of faking the change that I have gone though I thought that I would just write about staying the same, and how that is allowing to know how to change but stay the same.

What encourage me to stay the same, was probably how fast I was changing I feel like I was going 200m/ph. This was not exclusive to cloths at all, but they are one of the few things I can control right now. It all got too much, I can't pin point a date when I changed but I felt dizzy and like the would was rushing by me, so I decided to stop and smell the roses. I am still grabbing them as I sprint past. But even keeping one thing the same (well not changing it as much) has helped. I am doing GCSE's atm and am getting over stressed, well I would. But I kind of needed something I could controle the outcome of to saty the same. So I choses the way I dress.

I do think that it has been one of the best things that I have ever done for my style. I relay has given me time to look and pefect which is something I didn't relay do before. Infact I made a pact with my self never to waer the same thing twise a couple of years ago (I have stuck to it well), but now it is time to change and maybe wear outfits again, but try and maybe change very small things to make a big difference.

I will tweek my outfits like a chef tweaks soup..... But relay what it has done is make me understand more about the way I dress, what looks good and what does not. So I have a challenge for you keep the same. It's alot hader than it looks. But has alot more bennifits than meets the eye.


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