I threw up on a post

I am so busy atm with all theses evil exams (well I have only had one but now I am doing 500000Kg of revision) and it's no fun. So I will be posting spontaneously to too end of june. Just to let you know.
On with the Post

my thinking face hmmmmm

Walking away I am such a diva

I got it in my head the other day that I needed to post now and that second so I started to think of quick and easy ways to post, you know post best movie moments e.c.t e.c.t but I released that that was not me. So I came up with this, I have been doing my usual thing which is spend a few days thinking of hundreds of ideas of what to write to go with them, and as of get have not relay come up with anything mind boggling good. So we are seeing where this takes us.

When I shot this I was so happy with the sudden change in the weather, since then has been pretty constantly bad I been British (haha I joke), but thinking about it now I keep on feeling that it was just good luck, and how good luck sort of makes us who we are. I mean would Drew Barrymore may have been a amazing actor but it was luck that she got the auditions. I am not saying don't work hard because if you don't then luck does not matter anyway, I am saying don't be overly prove of of something that had a lot todo with luck anyway. 

I don't know relay I mean we are all just waiting for luck and so am I. I hope for the luck of easy exam papers even though I am working my but off for them, I am also hoping for the luck of passing French (I am quit embarrassed to admit that my french is beyond bad and they all seam to be able to speak English perfectly). all I want is luck my guess is so do you.

I don't relay know how that fits with the post (I have feeling that this going to be a bit all over the place). So anyway this outfit was inspired by magazines and how they are over the top, but I do like wearing this sort of thing out on a regular basses and I am now going to be wearing the cardie and gloves for the rest of forever I love the harsh colour combo. Then their is my socks (well stocking worn as socks) which I love the tray effect that they have and how shiny they are, overcomes they were worn with my favourite topshop heals.

I love waterfall skirts and this is my handy dandy tip on how to get one:


it's very easy, but I do love them so am doing it a lot. Ow ow you would never guess but this skirt was from when I was ten so go figure. The top is worn backwards and has this carry print on it which I can't get enough off.

I think that my thoughts have gone wild on this so I will end it now.
Lot's of love 

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  1. You look gorgeous in these photos! I love your tip about the skirt, I would have never thought of that :) x


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