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Hey Guys

My jewellery makes my outfits (I'm hardly ever without, even at school whatever the teachers say about i); it completes the look. I don't know if you've ever herd of The sea of shoes; well she believes (with her mum) that cloths are like lost souls (my words not hers) and that they need extra such as well (in her case she said) shoes, otherwise there lost they just don't quit work. Although I do believe in the shoe thing I think that jewellery makes a outfit go  the extra mile. You can not have enough of it and without it looks like a blank canvases.
Ring-(etsy)A pretty delicate ring I think gives a outfit a bit more this ring I got from etsy where you can find lush things for relay good prises

I love Me necklace- (unknown) I think a fun and quirky necklace is an key think to have apart from making me laugh it is a grate start to a conversation one which normally ends with me in fits of giggles (I do that allot anyway)
 Heart & Pearl necklace- (DIY) this looks amazing on it's own or layer with other necklaces. DIYing your own jewellery is a fun way of having something completely your own (no awkward walk in a room and seeing someone in the same thing as you).   
pearl necklace- (charity shop) I love charity shopping they are grate places to find jewlury I always find lodes when I go (btw it cost me £1). I love pearls they are just so classic and a long strand looks so cute and vintage looking 1920ish. so cute noted in the middle 

Bangles- (random places) they go with everything so I wear them with everything and everywhere even to school, I love to gingle it brightens up my day (little things)
Bold braslet- (hand made not by me though) This so cute and a small statement having something like this is so good because will bring something to life and also interesting designs add to anything.
Necklace- (China) I love a simple pendant this is green jade and is a rose on a simple black cord.I love this I can adjust the length so it can be warn layered .

In conclusion I think that I am completely and utterly besotted by jewulrey .


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